On a slope far away stood that old rough evil presence, a token of misery and disgrace. "Why have you done this? This was not our understanding! Why would it be advisable for you to allow us to sit unbothered? How would you anticipate that us will adapt to living without you? Does it mean we won't see again in this life? God, why? Why? It shouldn't be you! What have we done to merit your passing? Wake up! Try not to go now... !"

Those are a portion of the sad, discouraging words, deplorable quotes and unsuitable ballads you've caused to leave the lips of pure mouths; those are the loathsome verses of terrible desolation tunes that you've caused individuals you never knew and families that never arranged nor practiced it to sing as though they were choristers. You simply come in uninvited, snatch your casualty ill-equipped and take them with no encouragement. Forget about it to you, pitiful recollections of our expired friends and family surge through our psyches. We can't however point charging fingers at you! How coldblooded you are in way! How icy you are in deeds!

At the point when will you stop harming individuals? At the point when will you wind up plainly fulfilled utilizing individuals as nourishment and drinking the wine of tears from their friends and family? Innumerable number of homes you have put in anguish, many blasting glories you have snuffed out and numerous splendid fates you've sent to an inopportune time everlasting. Why are you so savage? What's more, eager for life? Why are you so powerful and loaded with toxin? You don't come around like a honorable man and you don't leave without causing ghastly injuries, presumably hopeless ones on the delicate souls of individuals who end up being your casualties? I know we as a whole owe you, however should you be so rude? Must you request aimlessly? We know you; what a creature you are!

In spite of the fact that we can't see you, every one of the lives you've coated in your icy clench hands are under our feet, the homes you've entered are smashed down if not in vestiges and these are pointers to your awful otherworldliness and tyrannous run the show. Don't you ever get drained? What a merciless brute you are! Why infuse your intensity in us? Why we've annoyed you to such an extent? At the point when will you quit delivering retribution on us? They say life is uncalled for, you are more awful.

Your shoes of disappointment and mope that you've pulled at entryway steps, the wounds of your furious chomp, your snoozes of ghastliness, the impressions of void which you abandon are all confirmations of your over the top figure, alarming nearness, biting deeds, awful conduct and insidiousness nature. What do you remain to pick up? You couldn't care less about age, status, race, foundation, accomplishment; you would prefer not to know the place, you don't consider time, you play it safe for in truth, nor acknowledge pardons, yours is simply to execute, to obliterate as indicated by your impulse. God!

What joy does this give you? With each one of those disturbing accomplishments of yours, offensive track records and malevolence trees, how better have you moved toward becoming? Answer me! You might be the great and confided in child of your dad, the fiend, however you are the ugliest and most contemptible of all circumstances. Ha!

It's a pity that no entryway can stop you, no human security can tame you, no development can diminish your workmanship, no tallness can threaten you, no profundity can panic you - truth be told, that is your last habitation I can hardly wait to see you being grounded and shouting out in agonies forever. I realize that some time or another you'll seek me (at any rate, after I've satisfied my God-appointed reason in life); yet until then you remain the meanest, the coldest, the best bad dream of all lives and dreams. End of story.

I am Tembo Nani. I hold a Single guy of Innovation degree in Ecological Science. I am an essayist (of film stories, writing and anecdotal books, sonnets and articles), an artist, writer, distributed writer and holistic mentor.



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