Yes, I will soon have a date with the stars… the genuine kind.

I am amped up for moving to my penthouse in Prabhadevi, Focal Mumbai. Yes! I will be on the 26th floor home when you visit me next.

I am an exceptionally house glad individual and I have been investigating each part of my home. I likewise adore my present level in Pali Slope. Be that as it may, what energizes me about my new home is the way that I have earned it through my own diligent work.

There is a feeling of accomplishment. Furthermore, there is additionally pride. I genuinely trust that each of us sets out with a fantasy and when we accomplish even a little piece of it, there's that sentiment satisfaction.

My house is only one of the numerous things I have imagined out. There are miles to go before I rest.

I trust mum and father and my sister will invest energy with me in Mumbai in my new home. All things considered, a house is finished just when the family is around.

I likewise trust, I get additional time in Mumbai to make the most of my new home. As I said before, amongst January and July this year, I was in Mumbai for just three weeks.

Living out of bags is a lifestyle for a superstar. Be that as it may, there are times when you long to simply remain home, set up your feet and appreciate a decent motion picture or a book.



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