I was so certain it would have been the last book, notwithstanding when I began understanding it, however after the completion (and in the wake of minding goodreads) there unquestionably will be no less than one more book (Yippee!).

This book was addictive. The entire set of three (or, really, arrangement) was. I couldn't quit understanding it. I read it in one day (!). The composition style is so captivating and quick paced, you simply fly through this book.

Amy is one kickass-wry great hero. She is imperfect (and you need to shake her now and again) yet who doesn't? It's the sort of blemishes you're not disturbed by on the grounds that they are genuine. They bode well. Amy is genuinely stunning in her own privilege.

What I adore about Danielle books is the manner by which she continually changes and plays with our forthcoming of good and shrewdness. There are never evident lines between the two. Wickedness can turn great and great can turn insidious. Also, what is somebody who, for good reasons, does insidious things?

It's composed in a light and fun way (which I adore) however there are additionally profound implications in this arrangement (which I likewise cherish).

*Full survey (with spoilers)*

"This was it. Once more, I was all alone, and the eventual fate of everything was in my grasp. I murmured and began strolling."

I was artistic 2 pages in when I was smacked with plot winds and shocks all over!

I was daintily beginning the book... I was simply swinging to page 3 when I resembled: What? Truly? No. Amazing. Hold up. Why? Whoa. What's occurring here?

"Nox was straight out of Focal throwing: Tormented progressive dreamboat - Would you say you are the young lady who'll at last catch his injured heart?"

Nox joining the Evil witches as the fourth witch!

With the entire 'Amy going dull' thing that was going ahead in book 2, I was so certain it would have been Amy who goes along with them! I never thought, I didn't anticipate that it will be Nox! It was a stun. I felt as stunned as Amy right then and there.

Also the entire 'it's taboo for the Quadrant to have a typical life or be infatuated, so no doubt, Amy, too bad, yet you and Nox can't be as one'.

I knew Gert wasn't dead! I don't know why however I never trusted she was dead for good.

I had that hypothesis that perhaps the witches faked her demise as a major aspect of their arrangement to make Amy murder Dorothy.

Indeed, I wasn't right about that however she is alive. Furthermore, I'm happy she is. She's my most loved underhanded witch out of the three.

Such a great amount of occurred in this book and there are such a variety of issues they need to confront - old ones and new ones alike - that I don't know whether it can all be settled in one book. Perhaps a long one book.

Is Dorothy dead? Last time we saw of her she was... *shudders* she looked basically dead to me. That is to say, her eye had dissolved. *shudders again*. Be that as it may, we can't know without a doubt. Regardless of the possibility that she's alive however, I don't know how much damage she can cause in her present condition.

At this moment it appears Amy changed from 'Dorothy must bite the dust' to 'the Nome ruler must bite the dust'.

"Tidying was all the while taking a gander at me like - well, similar to I'd vanished and afterward returned out of nowhere. Be that as it may, the way that it wasn't physically conceivable to vanish and return out of nowhere was working to support me.

Whatever clarification he was thinking of for what he'd quite recently observed, It certainly wasn't "some sort of truly terrifying personality cutting powerful substance just left the dividers, made Amy quickly undetectable with a specific end goal to drop a cluster of dubious vile indications, and after that vanished."

Dustin and Madison have authoritatively joined group Amy! In the event that you have let me know in the principal book that I would truly acknowledge and preferred Madison, I would have giggled and said "no chance".

Many characters we didn't think we could like or trust did a total hand over this book: Madison, Dustin, Amy's mother, Mombi...

I can hardly wait to see Madison in Oz. Thar young lady is as extreme as Amy, I can state that without a doubt. I'm truly beginning to like her... what's more, Tidying as well. He may not look like much at first look but rather he's in reality extremely faithful and a truly decent individual.

"You comprehend what?" he said. "Don't worry about it the request. I'm experiencing passionate feelings for you, as well."

Amy and Nox: I was so happy to get more Amy and Nox time in this book. In the initial two books they were continually isolated and pulled separated. Be that as it may, in this one they were at long last (sort of) together. Joined together. On a similar side. Not abandoning each other, regardless. I cherished that. I cherished that they are so faithful to each other.

"Since in the event that you surrender - then what is there left to live for?"

All through the book there was that consistent danger in my psyche of Amy turning dim, giving enchantment a chance to expend her, getting to be Dorothy...

In any case, she battled it. Also, Nox was on her side (+Lureline's enchantment boots), reminding her identity. She'll never be Dorothy, I realize that now.

She settled on the correct decision, picking not to execute Dorothy. It won't not appear like that to Lulu or the evil witched however she truly did settled on the correct decision.

Queendom. Huh, I like the sound of that. You never truly consider it yet why dependably 'kingdom'? On the off chance that a ruler is decision, is should be queendom.

Glinda and Glamora: Who will win? Is Glamora really gone? Since right now it appears Glinda is winning...

What's more, shouldn't something be said about Mombi? Is it true that she is dead? I didn't especially like her the greater part of the circumstances yet she was somewhat extraordinary in this book. She appears to be more... human. There is as yet a high possibility she's not dead. That is to say, Gert said it's difficult to murder a witch.

Will Amy ever return home? Will she and Nox figure out how to be as one? By what method will they overcome the Nome lord? Is Dorothy truly dead? What will happen to Madison, Dustin and her mother? Where will the Yellow Block Street lead them? Will Amy have the capacity to battle Oz's dim enchantment? What will Amy and Nox pick: Oz or the other place?

I don't know-I don't know-I don't have the foggiest idea...

I need the following book ASAP!

Meanwhile... the principal book in an alternate arrangement by the writer (a snow white retelling!), is turning out September 27, 2016.

So there is that (:

"It's not enchantment that makes you your identity. The decisions you make."

- Dorothy Must Bite the dust.



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